We at Enertek Electric, above all, aim for excellence through strict adherence to the standards and requirements contained in the current edition of the National Electrical Code also known as the NEC Code.

We believe however, that the measure of excellence is far from simply technical expertise. It is also striving to provide cost effective, sensibly planned and aesthetically pleasing installations.

Paying attention to the client’s wishes, giving counsel, offering ideas to spur the imagination, designing with symmetry or sometimes asymmetry, explaining electrical theory, cleaning up, petting the dog and being on time are just a sample of the principles we aspire to daily.

Service and construction are as much art as life itself. We practice these arts through our daily efforts to improve and grow and through our attention to detail in the work we do. And if practiced properly, we trust that each day we have artfully added a little extra light to this world so that it’s people may better see.

Paul Gaiduk

Enertek Electric



From heavy industrial through commercial to residential, Enertek draws on over 40 years of experience to see to the jobs at hand all with the same commitment to quality. As Mike often says,

“We do it as if it’s our own house”.